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Topic: American Idol

I don't care about people who win TV shows, especially music shows. You aren't good because 40 year old women vote for you. F-you! There I said it. And another thing, what is wrong with people. Blowing others up, molesting kids, BTK could have been next door. "You mean the guy who cut our grass? Yep, that's him. He strangled people and then beat off to it." That's nice, you freak. With all of this I sound "normal" but what is that? I don't know. Who cares, F-you! There I said it. Think before you pee, pray alot, and don't get a room with a girl named Mark, I'M OUT! RussD.

Topic: Why gas prices are so high

Gas is so high because of Explorers, SUVs, Escalades, etc. Why do people buy these vehicles, because they have small dicks. Guys physically, girls mentally. Thank you for making my gas so high you small prick bitches, I guess I have to pay for you getting turned down in high school. Whaaaaaaaaa! Get over it! "I don't get layed anymore", whaaaaaaaaa! "I can't get it up anymore", whaaaaaaaaa! That's all.

Topic: What happened to Del tha Funkee Homosapien?

Today I am thinking about Del tha Funkee Homosapien, why, not sure. He still has one of the phatest names in hip-hop, anything with funky in the title is good but his is even phater cause it has 2 E's. Check out Del on the "Judgement Night" soundtrack, he does a song called "the Truth" it's the Mutha fu*$#in truth my man!

Check out Del

Topic: MTV is building rappers

Yes, I am guilty, I catch some MTV once in a while. Not sure why since it usually irritates me. BUT! I did watch the latest episode of "MADE" where a dorky kid wants to be a rapper. It was good stuff, here is part of the write up:

"Made" Nile is MADE into a Rapper

Nile comes from a musical family in Minneapolis. His father wrote the '80s hit, "Funkytown." His mother worked with Dolly Parton. But Nile likes hip-hop and wants to be taken seriously as a rapper. His friends and family joke about the idea of Nile attempting to rap. But laugh no more, Nile is about to meet his coach and become MADE into a rapper! Freestyle rapper C-Rayz Walz introduces himself to Nile as his MADE coach. The tall urban rapper and small suburban Nile present a contrast worth a stare or two. C-Rayz gives Nile the stage name, "Blizzard." Ugh. Nile hates it but gets used to it. After Nile gets booed performing a battle rap at his school with a notebook in-hand, C-Rayz takes him to a grocery store to rap about fruit. This is embarrassing but it builds Nile's ability to rap on-the-spot about anything. On the streets of Harlem Nile loses a battle to 9 year-old female rapper, P-Star. But things get better. After jamming at a concert with date Katie, Nile gets to meet Snoop Dogg and The Game backstage. The Game listens to Nile freestyle and gives him props. Nile is excited to go to C-Rayz's neighborhood, The Bronx. He loves New York, but it's time to apply what he's learned in Minneapolis. Back home with newfound confidence, Nile battles at his high school again--the same place where he was booed before. He loses to a rapper from Edison High, but does better against the next rapper and gets applause from the audience! Finally, Nile raps on-stage at a club with C-Rayz in front of his parents. His father, once skeptical, is glowing with pride. Nile has been MADE!

I thought that all you needed was a big phat chain, a tilted hat, hundreds of women that are in skimpy drawls and a 40oz of malt liquor. That's what you see on MTV, because that is how life is, isn't it?

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