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From Kenny Drew - "East Coast" message board

What's wrong Dank, Your mind gone blank? Did you OD off some dank ass tranqs? You wanna fuck around wit a kid wit high rank? You think you the Don? Is that it bitch, you think you've won? You ain't got shit, but desperate attitude and some fucked up lycs. Not so tough now, are you? Mckeesport be releasin' a new village fool, He goes by the name of Bluff, not too rough, thinks he is but really thats just his front, Russ you's a runt, step up and get at me you bitch ass cunt...

From Kenny Drew - "East Coast" message board

Yo, I be holdin' it down wit Pablo Rawule gettin' hott in this mo' fucka.. Mckeesport ain't got shit on this mo' fucka.. East Coast bought me my brand new whip mo' fucka.. I see them mackin' wit full respect mo' fucka.. I could fuck three broads if I wanted to, cuz Russ Danko be sellin' his shit for ten, then I steal them bitches and sell 'em for 50. Yo Dank, let me show yo ass somethin'... Dickity Dank, Dickity Dank, yo lycs sound like a rabbit got da shank.

Russ Dank's responce to Kenny Drew - "East Coast" message board

Kenny Drew ain't nothin' new, and now another year remove. Say Kenny Drew and I say who? A broken record without a grove. And now your crew ain't gonna screw, you still got anything to prove? You came at me and lyrics blew, just keep sippin' the Dank brew!

From Anonymous -

That **** is mad RETARDED!!! I can dig it man....

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