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Question from Russ: "Do you hear voices?"

(Dope Cat) Yes, all the time and they're telling me to kill you.
(TimothySkold6) So quit being such a pussy and do it dammit!
(BloodofNothing) *Points to the lawn* "that's where i met the leprechaun, he told me to burn things.
(russdank) Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty..............

from the The Heirophant Council, the Marilyn Manson Message Board

Russ Flowin'

Title: A Space...

No trust, a sample of things that are to come.
The end, to end up feeling completely numb.
A waste, a way to use everything you have.
Your faith, needing to hold anything you can grab.

Your mind, never knowing which way to go.
Your heart, the only thing that you never show.
A space, and this is what I see the most.
A need, to live this life the way I chose.

who think Ja rule is the coolest person?

(Novella1987) i think ja rule is ok and i like his songs, but he think he is the sh** now. but dont get me wrong he is good. I no one thing ja rule is not better than 50 Cent and 50 Cent is not better than Ja Rule. they r the same. to me anyway.

(russdank) Yall need to quit smoking that crack when you say that Ja Rule is good. Ja Rule has always wanted to be 2pac, 50 is very similar along with DMX. At least 50 Cent's nursery rhymes are somewhat original. I give props to 50 for going at Ja Rule and letting that little punk know that just because you do songs with JLo doesn't mean that you are anything great. To prove that Ja Rule is garbage just watch, not sure what the song is with Ashanti, the video where they rip off the movie "Grease". Can't listen to the last verse of "Can I get A...." because Ja Rule jacks up the song. Dude trys to sing? Horrible! He has a Napoleon complex. He goes on the MTV Video awards and dances around Ashanti, Nas comes out and rhymes and finishes up by saying everyone should be peaceful, then Ja Rule shouts "MURDER!" He is a fake ass punk. Irv Gotti was just as fake. Ja Rule was his puppet. I'm glad they haven't been heard for awhile. Hope Irv is having fun in jail.

Russell VS. K-Fed

K-Fed, RussDank here and I challenge you to a duel. If I had a glove I would slap you with it. On New Years the RussDank ball is going to drop on your head. You know where to find me.

Dreamin' of a light that is bright in your face, talkin' of a fight that is right for your pace. Leachin' off a PopoZao, nothing for you then and now, looking up and looking down, never really knowing how. She looks through big brown beautiful eyes, while this big bad bastard never tries. Thinking of a mistake while she cries, she always knew he should be serving fries.

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