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(EQ) Those tracks were horrible. No concept, arrangement or mixing at all. Damn.

(Infinit) I agree with EQ. Theres nothing more to say

Two more post from Star Trak (Neptunes)

(RussD) Oh ! but there is more to say. Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time there was a kid who had an idea and was trying to get it heard by as many people as he could, the ones who heard it said that the songs he had were horrible, this wasn't music. He kept at it until one day everyone caught up to what he was feeling. That kid was.........Russell Simmons. Let's not be stupid, we aint' no Def Jam, but we are keeping that spirit alive. Putting them tracks out there and tryin' to, at least, make people realize that there is more out there than pop rap. I like the criticism, yall are helping me get better. Peace, I'M OUT!

(BeatStreet)They are kinda week. If your ever gonna use live drums, you should get a real drummer to play, or get better sounding sounds. Your drum sounds sound real amatuerish and the rythms are the same. Your beats would slap hard, if your drum sounds and rhythms were better. I tells this to you because I'm a drummer myself. )


Two more post from Star Trak (Neptunes)

Russ Flowin'

Title: No Direction

The spirits that feed are the ones I need, planting that seed in the minds that lead. Knowledge is what you need in this life to succeed, but everyone here is all about that greed.
Feed on the greed that comes up from below, one track mind that will move real slow. Time is up, your soul is carried by the crow, there is no direction when you live in limbo.

(DeeKay)nice flow too short tho...first verfse? try to make them audio if u can easier

Some love from


Title: 1 you can't see
Coming around just to be put down, you never know yourself till you hear the sound, smiling like a clown when you come around, where you gonna be when it all goes down.
Look at the face that you cannot see, not infront of you cause it's inside me, you can't even see what you want to be, don't want to be anything except for free.

From Raptalk, where no motherfuckers ever reply to your shit! Fuck em'.

Title: Having This...
Cycle through this life of mine, having nothing except for time, coming back around again, to never lose is to never win.
Staying in place to never try, saying things that never die. thinking, spinning, shrieking, stop, having this that will never drop.

From the Chili Peppers site.

Title: Can you see me?
Are you going blind? Do you even know? everyone I see never has the nerve to go. Sitting in a space, not knowing what to do, You gotta ask yourself what it is you want to prove. Talking till its done, time is always there, You never think about it till someone starts to care. Looking over one, now you want some more, thought you had it all till your life just hit the floor.

From the Notorious B.I.G site, next rhyme on that site will be "B.I.G. was a fat fuck."

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